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08 Jul 2012
If the level of car manufacturers in the world, so BMW's most-Like many fans, then to Indonesia, none other than the Yamaha.

Social networking for Yamaha Motor Indonesia has an official Facebook account ( / yamaholigan) by the number of fans as much as 1,870,327.

"The number of accounts that make up Yamaha Motor Indonesia as an automotive brand in the country with the largest number of fans. Yamaha Motor Indonesia also had to be in Top 10 Social Networking for automotive brands in the world (based, and the only automotive brand of Indonesia in the list, "the press release Yamaha Indonesia, Monday (06/04/2012).

In the country, motor matic injeksi irit harga murah from Yamaha Motor Indonesia is a brand, product, service, company number one automotive site according to the number of fans 1,870,327,

While Twitter (@ YamahaIndonesia) is growing rapidly with 45 900 followers and often create the world's Trending Topic.

Official Youtube channel Yamaha Motor Indonesia ( / yamahamotorindonesia) has produced 422 507 views in which the canal is not only upload Yamaha TV ads but also real-time experience of the event was uploaded Yamaha event in real-time.

Yamaha Motor Indonesia began to enter the digital media in 2004. When it starts www.yamaha-active and in 2009 a new entrance into social media.

Yamaha Motor Indonesia to see that social media is a new tool for communication and community building. Yamaha Motor Indonesia to try to maintain a relationship with the audience in cyberspace with a sharing partner for the bikers.

Sharing partner here with the Yamaha brand positioning as a go-to friend for those in social media and also provide content that is attractive, active, enjoyable, Engaging, and useful.

Yamaha also often take advantage of application Instagram (@ YamahaIndonesia) to increase brand awareness, c ontohnya iPhonesia in cooperation with the Mio Fino holding a photo competition. For instant messaging Yamaha also utilizes the Blackberry Messenger (PIN: 2376CB2A) by 2000 the number of contacts as an information center for those who want to always be up-to-date with Yamaha.

Additionally Yamaha Motor Indonesia has a special website as a forum for communication of the bikers, the And for lovers of motor racing, facilitated teruptodate news about Indonesia in the world of motor racing as well as online a registration portal for riders who want to follow the Yamaha Cup Race.